Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Back to the basics...

I haven't blogged in awhile but I have missed this form of writing.

Everyone's getting tumblr but I will not abandon you!!

Alot of things are different now. Coming soon will be significant changes to the blog & I can't wait. Until then get motivated with Eric Thomas...

Part 2!


Monday, October 19, 2009

Be Where You Are *VA edition*

I'm in VA for exactly 24hrs to perform at this new open mic For Love Of Words (FLOW). Spent this morning in the SUB at Hampton University ppl watching. When my mind began to drift...

I'm one of those rare adaptable people who can almost envision and/or place themselves everywhere. I couldn't help but to see myself here in VA. what kind of place would i live? what college i would go to?? Most interestingly, what kind of a man would i meet. *chuckles*

I saw a strong black southern man with a nice family and maybe a slight accent which made me uneasy to say the least. Since in ny I like "alternative, original, artsy'' guys no matter their race.

It made question alot of things: Do women like me know what they want?? Is your soulmate anywhere you are?

(Here's the kicker) Does location really affect your preference in a mate??

Think on this,

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A gift for you: Kenna

Today was a rough day. It started with crying and screaming but after zoning out to Kenna I felt better. So here's a gift to my readers who may be feeling the weight of the world on them. Mercury's Retrograde may be over but thats the end of rough times.

So when you feel like that, go turn this up REALLY loud and dance, let it pulsate through you...

Out of Control (State of emotion) by Kenna

Peace & Blessings,

Friday, October 2, 2009

Break a heart, Break a macbook

"I'm glad i can identify my own weakness..."

If only everyone could do that, life would be smooth. I just spent 2hrs in the wee morning talking to a friend who couldn't understand why people couldn't come with disclaimer warnings.

Do you think you would look at someone differently if you knew what kind of person they were upfront?

I once dated a guy who was a walking disclaimer and while it was refreshing it also scared me. For the first time i wasn't crazy! He forgot my birthday like he said he would. He worked crazy hours as promised. Worried about his family in silence like he was taught. Yet, he also showed me what 'getting to know a person' really entailed.

Is that what I wanted? To know everything in the room before i opened the door?

Its better than lying or manipulating...or is it the same? Would revealing too much or hiding it get you in the same predicament?? Left pondering these things as memories (or evidence) with a broken heart, a hammer and a vengence...

If I break your macbook in a yard in the middle of the night and no one's around to hear it, Was our whole relationship a lie?

Peace Earthlings,

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Make Shit

"Gone for a minute but now im back with the jumpoff..." (lil kim)

I've been on the run from my own thoughts. A 6 month hiatus from writing poems, and 3 months of not posting on here. Well with time and seperation comes growth! So I'm back, a year wiser and more beautiful...

I'm getting back to writing. (FINALLY!) I didn't want to force it but i couldn't help not feeling whole without that part of myself. The void caused me to spend more time figuring out the other pieces to me that I've neglected. *sigh*

To celebrate the momentous occasion I bought a new journal while out with whitley. This appeared to be your average book (in a clothing store. don't ask) with regular lined pages, spirals and a decorative cover. Something about the book spoke to me though...maybe it was the cover which looks like weaved baskets that says simply "Make shit".

I know what you're thinking, " what kind of journal...?". EXACTLY why i bought it!! *chuckles*

It inspires me to open the pages and write. Hey whatever helps, right? Thats what I said but its bigger than a book. I've been inspired to take all the bits & pieces I've discovered about myself over the summer and...for lack of better words...Make shit!

Moral is: Go "Make shit" with all those dreams you have. what's stopping you??

Peace and blessings,

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Vanilla Ice Cream

Thats one of my fav songs by this comedian named Stephen Lynch. He's white. The song Vanilla Ice Cream is about his love of Black women.

I never felt any type of way about interracial dating before. Unlike my peers I've always believed love; no matter the flavor or genre of music it listens to is beautiful. If you find it that you should hold on to it. People go everyday without sharing themselves with another person in the most purest way possible.

Well recently I've found myself smitten with an amazing guy who also has been my friend for the past 2 years. We've been on a date already...*a record 12hour first date* because we had such a great time together. So it was confirmed that I do like him.

Thing is, he's not black. He's not white either but this would be my first interracial experience. For some reason I'm slightly uncomfortable with how other people will perceive us but then again I really don't care. So I'm taking this how I take everything else with an open mind/heart and patience.

Well see how this works out.

"Here we go again..." (Portrait)


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Feel free to fly your pretty wings...

I cannot stop listening to the song Pretty Wings by Maxwell. Its so beautiful in a Slow Dancing In a Burning Room way by John Mayer, don't you think? Anyhow, thats what I'm trying to do. Fly.

Sometimes its hard to use your wings if they're so weighed down with life. I want to flex mine before I actually take flight. Jumping out the nest (comfort zone) like a baby bird. So here's an exercise to share with on my blog and to all my beautiful friends out there...

Queen GodIs put in her facebook status to write down your best advice then take it. I am going to attempt to do so, to give myself advice and stick with it. Here are some things I tell my friends:

1. Never settle. If i know you are wonderful then YOU should too.
2. Be confident. It goes a long way if you know how to use it.
3. Count your blessings!
4. Be grateful for what you don't think is enough to be grateful for because it is.
5. Remember that it could always be worse
6. Cry sometimes without being ashamed of the vulnerability
7. Be able to let someone in willingly
8. Leave your baggage hidden in your closet where it belongs until you are ready to sort through it. Don't take it everywhere with you.
9. Take some time for you! To be still, to do nothing, to get to know yourself

Thats enough for now. We'll see how good I do. I mean it is easier to dish it then take it. Try it for yourself. Only 2 things can happen...One your own advice could help you in your life OR you'll rethink what you say to others.

Peace Earthlings,